Pula green market

Pula green market is located in the center of Pula. The construction of the market started back in 1902 during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The complete construction of the market was originally built by using iron, which increases its attractiveness. The green market was officially opened in April 1903. In the past Pula green market was a meeting place for urban and rural residents of Pula.



Pula green market

At the ground floor of the market there was the fish market, and on the other side, the the ice box. The ground floor was reserved for sale of fruits and vegetables while outside there were a small houses for sale of prepared meals. At the place where today is an open vegetable market, there was a place where the peasants from the surrounding villages and fishing villages used to sell vegetables, fish, milk and eggs.

The market was reconstructed in 1997 and the reconstruction lasted 6 for months.
Today, the Pula green market has an area of ​​more than 1000m2 and consists of over 60 separate sales units.

Pula’s marketplace consists of:

  • The modern fish market  is equipped with the most modern equipment in Croatia, and has seven retail spaces which are equipped with refrigerate and cooling tables.
  • Butcher shop on the ground floor that consists of 16 spaces for sale of meat, cheese and pasta
  • The exterior of the ground floor consists of 17 space provided for service activities.
  • The market gorund floor consists of 13 grocery items and 7 restaurants located in the area
  • The open part of the market is intended for sale of fruits and vegetables, flowers and honey.


Green market in Pula center



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