Valbadon near Pula (Croatia) (photo by Mup Valbandon)

Valbandon information

Valbandon is a residential-touristic settlement located on the western shore of Istria next to the road that connects Fažana with Pula. Valbandon falls under the Fažana Municipality and has a population of 1626 which mostly gravitate and work in Pula. Valbandon area is very fertile and suitable for agriculture, even though hospitality industry and tourism are the main economic activities. The name Valbandon comes from Italian “vala abandonata”, which in free translation means abandoned cove. The name is probably related to the medieval time and The Great Plague which ravaged the city at the time.

Valbandon has a beautiful pebble beach with soft entrance to the sea which makes it suitable for families with kids and older people. Near the beach there are many beach bars, restaurants, sports courts and a sports harbor. The boardwalk by the sea is suitable for sports activities and walks, and it stretches from Puntižela in the south to Bi Village and Fažana in the north. Food and drinks lovers can enjoy a rich gastronomic offer of the restaurants in the area. Every year there is a fiesta “Valbandon ispod čripnje”, where you can try autochthonous Istrian meals prepared in a traditional way under čripnja/pit roast like the octopus, lamb and others.


Sports harbor in Valbandon (Croatia) (photo by Mup Valbandon)

The historical manifestation “Roman Valbandon” is the pride of the place, where you can try delicacies from that time, and learn more about Valbandon in the Antiquity.

Archeological remains of the two rustic villas have been found which probe that Valbandon was populated in the Antiquity. In the Middle Ages, Valbandon was a village belonging to the Church of Ravenna as its feud. Later it fell under the Monastery of St Mary Formosa from Pula, and after that to the Venice Republic.

The development of tourism in Valbandon is connected to closing the fish and ice factory which was still in the settlement at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1911, at the former location of the factory, a resort center and beach were built, along with a hotel with 60 rooms. Valbandon, as we know it today, started to develop in the 70s.


How to get to Valbandon?

You can get to Valbandon via ZC5115 road from Pula or Fažana. If you come from A9 Highway we recommend you take the Vodnjan North or Vodnjan South exits and then head on the 5192 or 50161 road in the direction towards Fažana and then to Valbandon. Bus lines from Pula also connect Valbandon with the city.


Ancient villa in Valbandon

Ancient villa in ValbandonAncient villa complex was found by A. Gnus between 1909 and 1912. It belonged to one of the larger types of villa that was composed of individual parts connected in a harmonious unity. Two individual objects were connected with the 60-m long pier. In the northern part of the villa, two rooms were found with decorated mosaic floors. In the southern part, there were buildings, two backyards and two water tanks. It is estimated that it was operational between the 1st and 4th century AD, and that it has belonged to the complex of ceramics production of Gaius Lecanius Baso from Fažana.