There was a tram in Pula 110 years ago

There was a tram in Pula 110 years ago

In the time when Pula became part of the Austrian part of Monarchy, Francis Joseph I. ordered the construction of the main naval port of Austrian navy, which marked the beginning of the golden era of Pula, in which there are funding of the construction of the infrastructure, houses, apartments, buildings, shipyards, aqueducts and sewer, etc. In this period, between 19th and 20th century, population is rapidly growing, so Pula has almost 60000 residents in 1910.

Pula tram photo gallery


Since the conventional transportation didn’t fulfill the city needs, Austrian government decided to implement tram ail by the decision on Austrian Ministry of Foreign policy in 1897, along with other necessary infrastructure. The supervisor of the works was Rudolf Urbanitzky. The construction of the rail and other infrastructure started in 102, and after two years, and several test drives, on the 24th March 1904, first electric tram drove through the streets. The success of the tram was huge, because over 120000 people used it in the first 120 days, gaining revenue of 50000 krone, and surpassing 126000 kilometers. The tram of Pula was the symbol of the modern era and the pride of Pula.
World War I had a negative effect on the development of Pula. Austrian influence was diminished, and Pula lost its economic significance. Because of the new circumstances, the tram stopped its service after 30 years on 16th April 1931.

Pula tram

Pula tram near Pula Arena


The remains of the tram are still visible today. Original tram glass is displayed in the House of the Croatian war veterans (Marine Casino at the time), and the rail and columns are also visible. Recently, interest is shown in reviving the tram for touristic purposes.
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