Garrisons of Pula: Defense system of 30 garrisons

Garrisons of Pula: Defense system of 30 garrisons

First fortifications on the Pula area was built by the Histri and Romans. However, from the first half of the 19th century, for protection of the naval port of Austrian-Hungarian navy, there is a modern fortification system of Pula. Itself was developed over the next hundred years, and was divided in the 16 districts, which were spreading spiral to the right from the center of the Pula port. During World War I, with this powerful system of modern fortifications, Pula became a modern town, and one the best defended cities in Europe.


Garrisons of Pula photo gallery

Photo credits: Danijel Bartolić, Matija Šćulac, Kamen Most.

Garrisons of Pula

Pula had three main fortification rings, two on the town area, and third in its surroundings. The center of the system was stretching from Rovinj to Labin. The first was built to defend the port area, and its location was on the east from the center of the town. The other ring was covering the first one, and was stretching along the border of the city. The third and the biggest was spreading on the area of over 40000 hectares, and started from Mali Brijun on the west, through Vodnjan on the north, all the way to Valtura on the east. There is also district IX, which occupied the wider area of Barbariga in the northwest, protecting the entrance to the Fažana Channel.

Kaštel fort in the center of Pula

Kaštel fort in the center of Pula (Photo by PhotoRenco)


In the period from 1813 to 1918, Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy built 26 magnificent forts, which are in great state even today. To resist attacks, the forts were built in circular or ringed forms. On Mali Brijun, there is the most important and the biggest fort Minor, which was the most southern defense point of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, and on Veli Brijun there were a total of four forts.
Local legend says that the forts are connected with the network of tunnels. This information cannot be confirmed, but it can be noted that each one of them has an excellent position, very attractive to the visitors.
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