vinkuran croatia

Vinkuran in Croatia (photo by Medulinriviera)


Vinkuran (Croatia) Information

Vinkuran is a village 4 km away from Pula. The different parts of Vinkuran include Cota, Debeli Vrv, Glavicica, Vikovice, Carevac and Novo Naselje. The first record of the name of Vinkuran dates back to 1424, when it was referred to in the Pula Statute as Vencoral.

Since old Roman times, Vinkuran has been renowned for its natural resources. The largest proof for this is the quarry Cave Romanos which was used to create the Amphitheatre in Pula. Many Vinkuran inhabitants are into tourism related activities. Almost all the village is full of apartments and private accommodation.

Nights are especially celebrated in the summertime at Vinkuran. These are a popular form of local celebration. In recent years, these have been punctuated with masked events, exhibitions and several live concerts.

vinkuran croatia

Vinkuran & Vinkuran port (photo by Istriasun)