Pomer Pula Croatia

Pomer (Croatia) (photo by Luxuria Adria)


Pomer is located about 8 kilometers south from Pula. It is a place that has retained its picturesque Mediterranean atmosphere. If you don’t go near the larger towns of this place, then you would think that you have got lost somewhere in the 19th Century. Situated opposite to the west coast of Medulin, Pomer is characteristically known for its shallow coastal area and its small port that provides protection from strong winds. Pomer and its surroundings are intact even today, and that adds to its loveliness.

Once a place that has lived off fish and mollusk aquacultures, today it is a desirable destination that offers private accommodation, apartments and vacation houses. If you want to select a quiet oasis for your holiday, then you should choose Pomer. Welcome to Pomer!


Pomer (Croatia) (photo by Medulinriviera)