Banjole (Croatia) (photo by Smještaj Hrvatska)


Banjole is a village in southern Istria, which is located around 5 km south of Pula. It is a part of the municipality of Medulin. Banjole has around 1000 inhabitants and almost all of them are engaged somehow in tourism and other activities that are suitable to the idyllic place of Banjole.

Banjole is well known for traditional activities such as olive-growing, wine-growing and fishery. Banjole and Pula are just 5 km away from each other. The village is connected with the rest of Istria with modern roads. When you enter Banjole, you will feel the Mediterranean Climate surrounding you completely. The blend of nature and beautiful architecture is visible throughout.

Banjole Pula Croatia

Banjole Port (Croatia) (photo by Smještaj Hrvatska)