Medulin is located amidst great natural beauty on the southern reaches of the Istrian Peninsula. It is surrounded with stunning forests and the sea which kisses the coast makes it one of the most desirable holiday destinations in Istria and also Croatia. Medulin is built on the remains of old settlements.

Its rural meekness and beauty has been appreciated since the early Roman times. The Romans built summer houses here known as villae rusticate (literally meaning ‘old villas’). The best-known among these is the Villa Vizula, whose remains are still found on the peninsula named Vizula.

Once a small fishing village, today Medulin is a large tourist center of Southern Istria. Today, it offers several indigenous products such as olive oil, cheese made from sheep’s milk and several wines. The initial tourist interest in Medulin started towards the end of the 19th Century and hasn’t diminished until today. It is one of the largest tourist areas in modern Croatia.

Medulin is interesting to tourists not just because of its natural beauty but also because of various active summer programs that are conducted here for people of all generations. In Medulin, you can find many restaurants that offer rich Mediterranean cuisine which can satisfy the palates and appetites of gourmets from all over the world. Medulin is also a great vista for fun and nightlife; there are various terraces that have live music and clubs that satisfy all tastes and provide good entertainment.