Pula is a city with enormous possibilities for sports and recreational activities. Pula surroundings are made for exploration, walks and bike-riding. Locations like Ližnjan and Premantura near pula have a position made for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Pula’s maritime zone has a rich flora and fauna along with the remains from the ships from World War I and World War II, which makes Pula an attractive diving destination. For tennis, football, basketball and beach volleyball lovers, there are many sports fields.



Since Pula was the main Austrian naval port in Pula’s maritime zone there are many war-ship wrecks from World War I and World War II. The seabed is still unaffected and is characterized by natural beauty and lots of caves which attracts numerous divers from all around the world. There are a lot of diving centers in Pula which offer professional and quality service and a safe stay on the bottom of the sea around Pula. The list of diving centers in Pula and surrounding area is in the following text. Pula Diving Centers



Biking Pula
There are many bike paths in Pula which allow you to explore interesting and hidden places in Pula and its surroundings with your bicycle. All the paths are maintained and marked and form a unified system of bike paths of southern Istria. The list of bike rentals and starting points for exploring Pula and its surroundings is in the following text. Pula Bike Rentals




Windsurfing-PulaThanks to its geographic location, Pula and its surrounding have a lot of days suitable for surfing and kitesurfing. The best locations are Ližnjan and Premantura which are located several kilometers south of Pula and are among the best windsurfing spots in Croatia. The best winds for surfing are Bora and Jugo. Here is the list of the locations where you can rent surfing equipment or signup for a surfing class. Premantura Windsurf rentals



Tennis-PulaThere are more than ten tennis courts and tennis clubs in Pula where you can enjoy playing Your favorite sport.




Beach volleyball

Beach-volleyball-PulaThere are more than ten beach volleyball courts in Pula where You can play Your favorite sport.






Rent-PulaYou can explore Pula on an educational excursion or guided tour of the city, but you can explore the town and its surroundings by yourself. Many touristic agencies offer rent services: rent a car, rent a boat, rent a scooter… Pick your transportation device and start exploring Pula! Whether you have chosen a bike, car, boat or some other device, we can guarantee a lot of fun in exploring the natural beauties and attractions of Pula and its surroundings.