Notable residents of Pula

Notable residents of Pula

On a Sunday morning, 30th October 1904, James Joyce and his fiancée Nora Bernaele, set sailed from Trieste to Istria. Almidano Artifoni, the owner of Berlitz School of foreign languages was waiting for them. Twenty-year old James Joyce left Ireland to work as an English teacher. He spent five months in Pula teaching English language using Berlitz method to the officers and employees. The Italian newspaper, Il giornaletto di Pola, published an avisso (press release), announcing the arrival of the new professor. With this statement, this professor received a name and a title, and his arrival became a thing of public interest.


James Joyce in the Caffe Uliks in Pula


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Almidano Artifoni, a socialist like Joyce, published the announcement, and this kind of attention was not given to any other professor. Joyce thanked him in his own way. He mentions Artifoni by his full name in the novel „Stephen Hero“ and nine times in „Ulysses“.


Notable residents of Pula 1

Famous writter James Joyce looking at the The Arch of the Sergii in the center of Pula

Italian writer Dante Alighieri mentioned Pula in his Divine comedy: „Come a Pola, presso del Carnaro ch’Italia chiude e i suoi termini bagna“ (…and as the (grave pits) near Pula, close to the pier, where Kvarner washes the shores of Italy…; Hell IX, 113.-114.). This quote is important, because this was the first mention of the eastern border of Italy, and the desire Italians showed for the Istrian region.
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