Welcome to Croatia Cruises! Croatia is a land where you will find a pleasant melange of flavors of different civilizations. The country has been ruled by the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, and Slavs. That is why the present Croatian culture reflects a breathtaking fusion of all these magnificent cultures.

There are many facts about Croatia that will entice you to plan a trip there at the earliest. The country will give you the taste of the sea, the forests, and the mountains, and over 1000 islands and islets. Yes, the land is full of natural brilliance that is still being discovered. For years, the tourists have been visiting Croatia in the hope of unearthing its unfathomable beauty and returning repeatedly. Read on to find out how you can discover the enchanting beauty of this land by planning a Croatia cruise.


Explore the Islands with Croatia Luxury Cruises

Croatia Luxury Cruises

There is nothing more exciting than exploring the Adriatic Sea on Croatia luxury cruises. While riding the sparkling blue water of the Sea, you will witness many shades of blue and green. Bring along your binoculars, and enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of the Adriatic coastline.

The coastline is the home to 1244 islands, out of which only 48 islands serve as homes to Croatians. Although uninhabited, many of the islets can be explored by a small ship cruise package. These islands are mountainous, which provide a huge scope for hiking and cycling tours.

As you hike, do not forget to stop for a while, and use your binoculars. As claimed by many visitors, the view is truly heavenly.

The adventurous landscape of the islands also attracts many kayakers. Couples in love, who is looking for adventure, should not miss these islands at all. The most popular ones are Mljet, Brac, Korčula, Rab, and Krk. These islands present a perfectly serene romantic ambience to celebrate love.


Popular Cruise Ports in Croatia

Croatia Cruises

Cruises from Split

Despite being one of the oldest cities in Croatia, Split is full of 21st century attractions. More than 50% of the city’s population are in its 20s. Hence, you will find a spectacular nightlife, which starts in the bars and cafés and comes alive on the beaches.

Most of the nightclubs remain open until morning, which gives the tourists every reason to party all through the night.


Cruises from Split to Dubrovnik

You can visit other attractive destinations along with Split by choosing a croatia cruise split to dubrovnik. The cruise will start from Split and will have stopovers on the coastal islands.

The islands have captivating beaches like Zlani Rat on Brac. You will also get a chance to visit the Blue Cave, which is picturesque beyond description. Your trip will end at Dubrovnik.

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Dubrovnik Croatia

Extra Tips When You are in Dubrovnik:

When you are on a cruise, you simply cannot miss Dubrovnik. It is one of the most ancient towns in Croatia and has a one-of-a-kind features.

First, Dubrovnik is a walled city. These walls have been present since the 14 -15th centuries. A majority of the walls can be discovered in the Old City of Dubrovnik.

These walls are magnificent structures, which have braved many human attacks as well as the furies of the nature. In fact, UNESCO labeled the Old City of Dubrovnik as one of the World Heritage Sites.

The second most interesting feature of Dubrovnik is its restaurants. The food served is lip smacking. The ambiance is friendly, which exudes great warmth and elegance.

If you wish to look for a romantic restaurant, you will be overwhelmed with choices. This town offers restaurants with excellent outdoor dining facilities overlooking the splendid sea.

The third feature that you can enjoy on a Croatia cruise is the man-made attractions in Dubrovnik.

The Sponza Palace, the Orthodox Church and Icon Museum, St. Saviour Church, the Dubrovnik Natural History Museum, the Dominican Monastery and Multimedia Museum are some of the sites that you must visit and learn more about this wonderful country.


Other Destinations That You Should not miss on a Croatia Cruise

Apart from the above-mentioned destinations, you should also make a trip to the beautiful island called Hvar where you will be spellbound with the friendly climate and old architecture.

You should also spare some time to visit Vela Luka, Mljet, and Trstenik. Opt for the small ship cruisesfor reaching these charismatic spots. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming and shopping at local markets too.


Small Ship Cruises to Croatia

Small Ship Cruises to Croatia

Small ship packages to Croatia are fabulous for those travellers, who appreciate the compactness while traveling. The number of passengers on a small ship cruise has never been too many. Hence, you will never find these cruises crowded.

Moreover, as the space on the small ship is limited, travellers find it very convenient to walk out to the dock and come back to their rooms without hassle.

Surely, many travellers feel that croatia cruise small ship promises a boundless scope for intimacy.


Why should you choose to cruise to Croatia?

Undoubtedly, Croatia is one of the most exotic destinations on Earth. However, there is no better way to soak in the gorgeousness of Croatia than cruising with it.

Here is a list of benefits that you can enjoy on a croatia cruise:

  • A relaxed environment

A perfect holiday starts right when the journey to the destination begins. The statement holds true when you are cruising. Your journey in the cruise will be relaxing as you will be served and pampered by the cruise staff. Your room will be cleaned while you enjoy a refreshing spa treatment. As for food and drink, you will have a variety of cuisines and drinks to relish.

  • Entertainment for all

Whether you are cruising alone or with family members, spending time on croatia cruise will never be an issue for you. Cruises have discos, mini golf area, gymnasium, casino, massage parlors and so on. Many cruises even offer cooking classes, cake decorating lessons, acting programs, etc. Hence, cruising is a remarkable way to pursue your dream of learning new skills.

  • Make friends

Of course, when there are so many opportunities to engage with your fellow travelers, you will surely make many friends on a Croatia cruise.Therefore, in spite of traveling alone, you are unlikely to have a single dull moment.